How to design a great presentation

Do you remember how many presentations you have attended in your professional life?

However, did any of the presentations make an impact on you? 

So, when you want to make a presentation yourself, how would you want to do it?

Were any of them interesting? Or Were they were fit enough to be forgotten?

Now, consider you want to make an important presentation. Then, how would you create an attention grabbing presentation?

Here are just the tips and ideas to take your Presentation to the next level. You could also buy our presentation templates.

Use more visuals as compared text

Going back to the presentations, you have seen, why were some presentations so boring?

The ones that did not catch you were full of text with no pictures!

However, the fact is pictures speak better than words!

Latest surveys and polls have reinforced the fact that Visuals are powerful and manage to grab and retain audience attention Therefore use more visuals to create an impact. .

How to use text for presentations

Introducing too much or too less text also causes harm… Minimal words that reiterate your message is what the doctor ordered.

If there are only images and no text, then also the audience may lose interest. Do highlight what the images stand for and what is their significance.

Designing the presentation

There are some points to keep in mind while designing your presentation:

  1. Use one core message as central point throughout the presentation

Voluminous data can bore any audience. So identify what the main point you want convey and build your presentation around it with as short text as possible.

  1. Make an outline for the entire presentation and adhere to it

Create an outline on how you want to go about the presentation. This is one way to go seamlessly from one deck to another without confusion.

  • Start by introducing yourself
  • Next introduce your theme
  • Continue and present the vision
  • Present all details surrounding it
  • Recap
  • Take or ask questions
  • Finally thank the audience for participating

Having a presentation outline slide also will help your audience know what is coming next.

  1. Text should emphasize the visuals but not be repetitive

Ration words. Use only when required. Let your brief words express what you want to convey.

  1. Avoid unnecessary information that does not support your message

Just get rid of unnecessary information. Give more importance to data that you want to tell the audience.


  • unnecessary backgrounds
  • Explanation of common information
  • In-detail description
  • Unnecessary chart elements
  • Inconsequential statements


  • Relevant and convincing facts and figures
  • Good quotes and 
  • Lucid Examples

While giving your presentation, employ speaker notes instead of reading from the slide.

  1. Every slide should have a point to make
  • Avoid overwhelming audiences with too much information in one slide.
  • Use one slide to make one point.

For example, you are providing nutritional values of various fruits, use only one slide per fruit giving its nutritional values.

  • Highlight a bold stat so that the audience remembers it long after the presentation.
  • Restrict the number of slides. Ensure you give at least a minute for each slide to remain on screen.
  • In case you have many slides, better to number them to ensure continuity.
  • You could use maximum 30- 40 words per slide
  1. Use visuals to convey the message on the slide

Here are some greats visual forms that you can incorporate

  • Use timelines
  • Flow charts
  • Icons
  • Images
  • Infographics 
  • Have a consistent design layout

Take the help of Presentation packages that offer professional templates and customize as per your requirements.

  1. Color, designs and size of text, page layouts should engage the audience
  • Design a focal point on the slide so that the audience sees it first - an icon, stat or a keyword that has bearing to your presentation 
  • Use good and effective keywords, big and bold size text, vibrant colors and icons immediately draws attention.
  1. Consistency maintained throughout all texts

Design options like font and colors should be uniform throughout. Continuity is maintained this way.

Tips to make your presentation effective

The main constituents that makeup your presentation is:

  1. The central idea for presentation
  2. Yourself, the presenter
  3. Visuals

All three elements should work in tandem to make your presentation effective.

The first step is designing the Presentation. Best luck on your next presentation.